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Listen to what Governor Babajide Sanwo- Olu of Lagos state said to Lagosians this Morning

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Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu

I responded to tweets this morning from Lagosians about certain issues and I will like to share some of the responses here. ÌGBÉGA ÈKÓ TI DI ÀJÙMÒŞE #ForAGreaterLagos.

On raised questions about security on the roads and communities: The rapid response unit of the Lagos state police command, the Lagos state neighbourhood corps and other security agencies are receiving all the support from our government to improve intelligence, monitoring and enforcement. We have provided more resources to allow them reach every part of the state. The rapid response unit of the police was on the road with Lagosians to ensure miscreants were deterred last night and Lagosians got home safely during the peak traffic period. Improved security on our roads, in our schools, homes and environment is an important part of our mandate.

On Waste collection and management across the state: The leadership and LAWMA team are increasing on the ground monitoring to ensure all parts of the waste management value chain works for Lagosians. Areas have been identified where there is a breakdown in collection and cleanup will follow.

On streetlights, cameras and other state wide infrastructure that aid movement at night that have broken down in certain areas: This problem has affected several corridors across Lagos but a more permanent solution to ensure we dont face this again is rolling out for the safety and comfort of residents.

On identified breakdown of road infrastructure, pot holes, quality of road fixes and other issues: The Lagos state public works corporation is doing a lot of palliative work on the roads to ease the problems of Lagosians during this period of constant rain with day and night schedules. Actual wide spread and more sustainable road construction will happen as soon as the rains reduce.

Lagos state government agencies and ministries are now more active on social media and in the streets of Lagos to get your feedback about how our work is affecting your everyday lives. Please continue to share that feedback and also celebrate the wins we have.

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