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Governor Ganduje Wins NANTA Governor Of the Year Award

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By Innocent Orok

Kano state governor, , Alhaji Abdullahi Umaru Ganduje has emerged National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA) Governor of Year Awardee. According to NANTA, he won the award for building strong hold support base on tourism infrastructure and providing effective security architecture in Kano state.

Governor Ganduje, the first receipiant of the NANTA Governor of the Year diadem, walked tall above other governors in Nigeria, polled in this category for creating an enabling environment for the growth of cultural tourism economy in the ancient city of Kano, through the provision of infrastructure and security, key pivots which drives destination visits and investments.

Receiving a powerful NANTA delegation, who stormed the Executive Chambers of Government House, Kano on Wednesday, the highly elated Ganduje, informed the team that he has turned around the facilities at Kano International Airport, with the desire of providing the best air services operations, which will make Kano airport attractive to international carriers and further boost trade and tourism services in the ancient city, known as the center and hub of sub Saharan trade route in Africa.

” We consulted Emirate airlines and they worked with us to upgrade the Kano airport, but for Covid 19 and the ongoing diplomatic efforts to resolve Emirate airlines flight issues to Nigeria, the airline would have been operating out of Kano by now. That is how serious we are here about making Kano a competitive destination” the Governor explained.

On infrastructure that aids tourism, Governor Ganduje reiterated that roads are critical to the movement of goods and persons, a development that made him to find a way to eliminate bottle necks to vehicle movement in the highly populated city through construction of fly over bridges and bye passes which have brought relieve to road users and made the tour of the city very attractive to the growth of cultural tourism offerings in the state.

” This award of excellence from NANTA is most welcome and evident of the true benefits of what we have done here. We must thank NANTA and assure you of our presence to receive the NANTA EMINENT Persons Award in abuja. We must add, security is the key to life and we invested heavily in community policing and no doubt, Kano is safe and home to all in Nigeria.” the visibly excited NANTA best Governor of the year awardee further explained.

Ganduje disclosed that he is overwhelmed by his choice as the best governor, with supportive infrastructure architecture which promotes tourism economy, adding that his administration will partner with the association to mainstream and sustain tourism values that will boast job openings for the people and encourage cultural promotion of the state.

Earlier before presenting the NANTA EMINENT Persons Award Nomination Certificate to Governor Ganduje, Mr Yinka Folami, Vice President of the association who stood in for Mrs Susan Akporiaye, President of NANTA who is outside the country on official duties, stated that the tourism infrastructural development in Kano under the administration of Governor Ganduje cannot be overemphasized, adding that the very essence of such focal attention, helps encourage the business of travel and tourism trade which impacts positively on the livelihood of majority of NANTA members and Nigerians at large.

Folami said “Your Excellency, your achievements resonates with us as an association, and we felt you deserve our encouragement and support by the way of this award of excellence which is not driven by any percunairy interest, but out of strong resolve to discover and recorgnise leaders at the behest of building a new tourism Nigeria”.

Mr Folami noted, adding, that Kano under the watch of the governor, has upped the game of promoting Nigeria as a destination to watch in Africa, nay the world.

” We are not living in denial of our security challenges, but we doff our heart to a governor who has beyond measure, proven that in Nigeria, a cosmopolitan state such as Kano can really lead in performance and verifiable developmental milestones, and that peace can be sustained and is possible, with cultural tourism a focal economic reality.” the NANTA vice president further stated.

The NANTA Eminent Persons Award comes up next week Friday, November 12 at the International Conference Center, Abuja.

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