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Third Faction Emerges in Rivers APC, as Court Stopped Congress

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Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation addressing Newsmen

A breakaway faction of the Rivers State All Progressive Congress (APC) led by a former Member of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon Igochukwu Aguma, a known ally of the Honorable Minister of Transportation, Rt Hon Rotimi Amaechi, has emerged in Rivers APC.

The third force is causing great worries in the Amaechi camp.

Hon. Igochukwu Aguma has obtained an order from the Rivers State High Court restraining the APC from going ahead with the Congresses it earlier scheduled to begin this Saturday.

Aside from the court stopping the Congresses, the order also stopped the party from doing anything in Rivers State pending determination of the substantive suit before the it.

We also gathered that Aguma is not alone as he is supported by a gaggle of politicians still hovering around Rotimi Amaechi as his supporters.

In fact Cross Country Reporter have it on good authority that not a few stakeholders of APC with Amaechi contributed the resources with which Hon Igochukwu Aguma published his blockbuster open letter in the Nation Newspaper in which he accused Amaechi of failing and a selfish and self-centered leader.

He said ” This lion, as the Minister is called by his praise singers, doesn’t foray far in the political jungle for his prey. When he is hungry, he feasts on his own supporters, tearing them apart and setting them against one another. This is the case with the Amaechi group.

“The problems in the Amaechi group are legion. The Dakuku group against the Tonye Cole group, the Ojukaye and Chidi Lloyd group against the rest. All pointing to the abysmal failure of Amaechi’s leadership, a queer model that broods no dissention.

“What is happening now, and the ones that will happen in the nearest future in Rivers APC, will show that Magnus Abe has never been the problem of the party as mischievously peddled. Amaechi and his anachronistic leadership is.

” This leadership has failed four different cycles of elections without bathing an eyelid, including the ones it had all the institutional advantages. And there is no shame!

“Hon. Igo can no longer put up with that, having sacrificed so much to build the party. That is what defines his intentions and struggle against the failed leadership of Amaechi as an altruistic one, because he knows that nothing will change in the future. He knows Amaechi that much.

” In the coming days, members of the public must brace up for more splinter groups from the depleting Amaechi camp of Rivers APC which is increasingly turning into a cauldron of nagging discontent.” the statement said.

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