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Alaba Traders Called For Reopening of Land Borders for Genuine Products

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By Innocent Orok

Evangelist Paulinus Ugochukwu, Executive Chairman, International Market Association (Electronics), Alaba International

The traders at the Alaba International Market ( Electronic Section) has called on the federal government to reopen the land borders as genuine products come in through the borders.

The call was made today by
Evangelist Paulinus Ugochukwu, Executive Chairman
International Market Association {Electronics) at Alaba International Market, Lagos State during a stakeholders sensitisation workshop in collaboration with the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON).

The theme of the event was “PROMOTING SELF-REGULATION T0

During his opening address the Chairman said “We consider it a great honour to host an event such as this which would not have been possible without the unreserved  support of Ojo Local Government.

I must however applaud the role and efforts put in by SON in sanitising and ridding the Nigerian Markets of sub-standard products.

“As an association who understands the profitability and benefits of the objectives of SON and having collaborated with them in the past, we already have in existence a committee whose duty is to ensure the prohibition of substandard products in the market and we hope to do more in achieving this goal”

He said his members will display several branded and authentic products owned by members of his association for SON to inspect, saying the leadership of the association has taken and is still taking numerous measures in ensuring that their market is known as a place where you can find standard, authentic and genuine products.

Ugochukwu further said the Alaba Electronics market is known to be the biggest single Electronics Market in Africa and they have contributed imesely to the GDP growth of the Country towards building of the economy.

He appreciated the efforts of SON for several policies it has introduced to checkmate sub standard products . While calling on the Federal government to reopen the the land borders as according to him genuine products comes in through the various land borders.

” I wish to use this medium to appreciate the efforts of SON in helping our members in the SONCAP registration process. They have been extremely helpful and forthcoming as such, we have recorded several successful SONCAP registration for our members.

” However, l wish to appeal for more time to enable some of our members who have commenced the registration process to complete it. This will also encourage others who are yet to commence the process to come onboard.

“Based on this Sir, We have set up a committee to work with your organisation in ensuring compliance.

” I wish to also appeal to the Federal Government to reconsider the reopening of our borders to other African countries as there are several genuine businessmen and Women especially in a market like ours that transact and do businesses legitimately and have customers in other African countries.”

He also called on both the federal and state government to repair the access roads to and from the ports and others to aid unhindered transportation of goods to and from the ports and to the various destinations in the country.

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