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COMTUA proffers solution to Manage Tin Can Island – Mile 2 Traffic

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By Innocent Orok

The directional truck movement format as proposed by COMTUA

For effective and proper management of traffic along the Tin Can Island – Mile 2 axis of the Apapa- Oshodi expressway, especially during the rainy season, the Council of Maritime Transport Unions and Associations ( COMTUA) have issued a series of traffic management options.

According to a statement by Adeyinka Aroyewun, National Organising Secretary of COMTUA, the recommendation for the management of traffic on Mile 2 to Tin Can Island corridor along Apapa- Oshodi expressway should be done taking into consideration that (a) the rain is here with us, (b) decay and road construction on the axis particularly on the out- bound section, the Tincan- Mile 2 axis and (c)Volume of traffic and
the prevalence of Wet cargo trucks/tankers due to the over gloutting of Tank Farms in the territory of Trinity, Beachland and Tincan.

“In the eyes of these, there arise the need for a special arrangements for a fair, conducive business environment.” The body of truckers however made some useful suggestions and presented here as the antidote to the challenges posed.

In considering this proposal, two locations in the axis are of interest;
(a) Sunrise bustop- merger point and
(b) Otto wharf- de merging point.

“At Sunrise bus stop, all the traffic should merged into one lane/ side as only the Out -bound lane Tincan to Mile 2 is motorable. Also, most often this is the terminal/ decision point for tankers.

” At Otto Wharf, the traffic separates , at this point also, trucks are admitted for Tincan Port transaction. There and then arise the need for proper coordination of traffic at these points of intersection.

“This will take care of periodic release of eligible trucks into the corridor, ensuring due compliance to the lane management and orders”.

On Orderliness of the process, COMTUA
recommended that on the In- bound corridor of the axis, (a) Containerised trucks ( that is) trucks heading to the Port shall maintain the left side of the road. (b) Wet cargo trucks/ tankers shall maintain the right side on the corridor and ( c) The center shall be kept free for Out- bound trucks or emergencies. The Service lane shall be left for other road users, all pre -gate vehicles, or vehicles to other destinations.

On the rules to be adopted, they say
for the corridor to accommodate these, time allocation/period shall apply for various operations . “Thus is suggested;
10am – 4.00pm shall be for movement of dully called up export trucks from transit parks to Tincan. 4.00pm – 10.00am flat beds and holding bays empty containers shall access the corridor with their due call ups”.

They said total prohibition of the use of the service lane at Sunrise or any other point for admission of trucks for Tincan call up, use of service lane for parking purpose by any kind of truck, except for purpose as recommended.

They also called on equipping of interested manpower with ability to co- ordinate the process with enforcement team of Men of integrities as essential for the success of the plan. ” With these it is expected there are chances to mitigate the challenges” the association concludes.

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