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NIWA charges Boat Operators to maximize 3,500 Channels across the Country

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— Frank Meke Inducted as ATBOWATON BOT member

By Innocent Orok

Mr Frank Meke, left, being capped as a BOT member with ATBOWATON branded faced Cap by the Managing Director of NIWA, Dr George Moghalu during the boat operators AGM in Abuja recently.

Nigeria Inland Waterways will be redefined to play strategic roles in the movement of goods and services across the country. Towards this end, the organised Boat Operators and Water Transporters have been challenged to take advantage of the navigable channels to open and expand opportunities for water transportation in the economy.

Dr George Moghalu, Managing Director, National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), disclosed that there is still the national question on what Nigerian Boat Operators has done with the 3,500 navigable channels across the country, promising to assist boat Operators to find their bearings.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the association of Tourist Boat Operators and Water Transporters of Nigeria ( ATBOWATON) held on Wednesday at Gombe jewel hotel, Abuja, Dr George Moghalu stated that NIWA is determined to get containers bearing heavy duty vehicles out of Nigerian highways to through the waters to avoid pressures and damage to roads infrastructure.

” It is sad to see the damage done to our roads by containers bearing heavy duty vehicles, and which ordinarily can be moved easily through our Inland Waterways. We shall continue to advocate that such trucks should be kept off the highways and containers and heavy equipment be transported through the waters” he explained.

Dr George Moghalu revealed that a contract for the construction of a jetty in illa, Delta state will be awarded soon, commending ATBOWATON members for the long years of dedication and sacrifice for the growth of water transportation business in Nigeria.

” No doubt ATBOWATON is our partner in progress and deserves our support, we at NIWA are happy to see the huge turn out of their members from over twenty states, an indication that the future of the association and Water transportation is bright” he added.

The NIWA boss also presented an ATBOWATON branded face Cap and inducted Mr Frank meke, an accomplished maritime and Cultural tourism development journalist as a member, Board Of Trustees of ATBOWATON, commended the selfless service and passion to which Mr meke brought to bear in the reporting and advocacy on marine transportation and tourism.

Earlier, the President of ATBOWATON, Mr, Gani Tarzan Balogun, commends the efforts of NIWA to change the narratives of water transportation in Nigeria and for also carrying the association along in its programs across the country.

Other dignitaries at the well attended meeting, were the acting president of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), Mr Nkerewuem onung, Mrs Susan Akporiaye President National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA) and Justina Ovat, President, Women in Hospitality among others.

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