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ASIMPIN warns Dr Aniebonam to stay away from the Igbo Social -cultural Group

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By Innocent Orok

The Association of Igbo Maritime Practitioners in Nigeria ( ASIMPIN) has called on Dr Boniface Aniebonam, founder of the National Association of Government Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) to stay away from the ASIMPIN activities, accusing him of trying to destroy the Ndigbo Social cultural Group in the maritime industry.
One of ASIMPIN’s chieftain, Chief Lawrence Uba in a chat with some journalists in Lagos said Dr Aniebonam is neither a registered member or a chieftain of the association, except he is out to destroy the group.

Chief Uba who is the Chief of Staff to the President General of ASIMPIN and also the Chairman of all Chairmen in the association said he has the authority of the President General, His Royal Highness Eze Demian Obianikwe ( FANO) , and the Chairman Board of Trustees (BOT) Chief Peter Obi ( Dim Ogbuagu) to speak to the press to condemn the NAGAFF founder’s medlesom interloping in ASIMPIN activities.

“We were embarrassed when we started seeing flyers of Dr Boniface Aniebonam, founder of NAGAFF calling for meeting of ASIMPIN. We now started asking questions, what for? is Aniebonam a member of ASIMPIN? Dr Aniebonam are you a member of ASIMPIN? If you are, which chapter are you from? Have you you ever attended any ASIMPIN meetings?, If you have tell us, is it chapter or national level”, Uba queries.

Chief Uba who boasted that ASIMPIN is well coordinated, recognize and duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the Board Chairman as Chief Peter Obi and Eze Demian Obianikwe as the President General, while Dr Eugene NWEKE, former President of NAGAFF is the board Secretary.

On what might have prompt Dr Aniebonam to called for the meeting, Uba took a swipe at the NAGAFF founder ” looking at the element of the character we know, the proliferation of associations in the maritime industry as we all know today , he is the architect of it , is not hidden. He is claiming founder, founder of what? Founder of proliferation of associations.? Ever before this time, what we have in the industry was Igbo maritime, Odua maritime and ANLCA and things have been going well and in order.

” In the Eastern part of the country for example, the only place the associations are still working and in order is where these three bodies are existing and that is how it suppose to be. So that the professional bodies will play their professional roles, while the ethic or social- cultural groups will do their own. So he succeeded in divide and rule system in the professional bodies. We foresee he wants to do the same in the socio-cultural group in the maritime industry. And my PG condemns it in a strong terms and say we should send a message to him that , that cannot happen under his administration” Chief Uba warned.

On allegation of tenure expiration of the ASIMPIN PG and refusal to hold elections, Uba said the association has a constitution and will follow it’s constitution. Though he agreed that the tenure of the PG has expired, but that they are preparing for elections at both the chapters and national levels.

It could be recalled that Dr Boniface Aniebonam, founder of NAGAFF has recently called a meeting of the Ndigbo Social cultural Group, saying he wants to give direction to the group, his meeting has so far sparked up descodance tunes in the association.

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